The Urge to Purge

Orderly Conduct

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been helping a friend of mine clean-up her closet. Packed with eye-popping dresses and bursting with black hoodies, this space has gotten a bit out of control. You know you need to start the purging process when you can no longer slide your hand in between your hanging clothes. Our little purging parties have inspired me to discuss the organization of one’s wardrobe.

I want to start off by acknowledging the fact that we all get attached to certain articles of clothing. Whether it’s your favourite shirt that you won’t give up but is turning translucent, a sweater you despise that your mother gave you that you feel too guilty to give away, or those “skinny pants” that you are hoping to fit into one day again, we all need to accept the fact that these things are taking up space that could be…

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2 thoughts on “The Urge to Purge

    • Thank-you so much! I’m not entirely sure where you could find more articles like mine, as I wrote off the top of my head from past experiences. I would try searching in google. Do you have any questions in particular? I would do my best to try and help.


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