Tips for Bathroom Organization

Orderly Conduct

Recently, I asked people on Twitter what sort of organizational help they need. The first responder wanted to know how to improve her bathroom. Whether you have a tiny bathroom with limited space, or a large one with ample room, there are numerous solutions to declutter this area.  Let’s get to work!

Bathroom before and after

First of all, you need to go through all of the items you have in your bathroom and check whether or not they have expired, are of use anymore, or really need to be in the bathroom at all. Keep the essentials and throw out expired sunscreen and any other products that have stayed past their expiration date. Make-up is a problem because a lot of women often have too much of it and hold on to it for too long. Downsize your collection and only keep the make-up you use on a regular basis. In addition to…

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