Segregation Yields Disorganization Cessation

You’re probably wondering what on earth this post is about. Segregation yields what now?! In my last post, I discussed how to organize your wallet and one of the key suggestions I made was to “keep the essentials.” Here, I’m going to carry on with this idea while exploring how to organize your purse or bag. In addition to keeping the essentials, strive to divide and conquer. Segregate and succeed. What do I mean by this? Keep reading to find out…

Our nomadic knapsacks tend to get filled with heaps of clutter, turning into a mishmash of miscellaneous impedimenta. In other words, we end up hauling around a junk drawer that looks like it was on a herculean hike. How many of us plunge our hands into our bags, swirling stuff around, getting frustrated and desperate with each passing whorl?

There is a solution to this, and these are the five tips that will help:

1. Empty out your entire bag and decide what stays and what goes. Make two piles: one for what you absolutely need and one for the stuff that you don’t. Once you have decided what’s superfluous and what’s not, you can move on to the next step.

2. Create clusters. Group items that are similar in shape. For example, in the front pocket of my purse, I have three square/rectangular objects that are fairly similar in size (pictured below).

Three Cases

I like to have aesthetically pleasing organizational tools, so I bought the vintage cigarette case (in the middle) with one of my favourite works of art on it. I use it to hold my medication (and a mini nail file). The black square is a tiny cover-up case with a little mirror and the Japanese girl is a compact that I use to hold a few bobby pins. I use these things frequently, so it makes sense to keep them in my purse. If you use something on a daily basis, keep it in the bag.

Three Cases Open

3. Maximize compartment efficiency. If your bag has minimal or zero zipper compartments and/or pockets, think about purchasing a new one. We don’t want a vortex of debris. Use all of the compartments that your bag has to offer and assign your items a “home” within the bag. Don’t shuffle things around all the time, keep them in the same place.

4. Buy/create miniature storage containers. After you’ve sorted things out by shape and utilized compartments, there will most likely be leftover items. For these, I like to use small fabric or plastic pouches to keep my things organized. If you have a large bag, you can even use things like pencil cases and/or make-up cases. Here’s what my purse looks like:

My Green Purse

5. Do a daily clean-out. Keep on top of things by cleaning out your bag daily. File away receipts, clear items that were only for temporary use, and ensure each object is in its “spot.”

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know what you think!

Happy organizing!



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