Catastrophic Closet Clean-up (Part 1 of 2)

When I was growing up, our closets were always a mess. Packed tightly with shirts, coats, dresses, boxes, towels, wrapping paper, and all other kinds of miscellany, you couldn’t see the back wall. I was convinced that Narnia was back there, but I could never push my way through to the end. Needless to say, our closets (among other things) were disastrous. Perhaps that is why I love organizing so much now… Anyhow, closets can easily turn into catastrophes, so don’t be hard on yourself if yours is in rough shape. There are numerous variations of closets and people will have different structural elements that will lead to different organizational tactics, but there are some basic tips that will work for everyone.

Before you tackle closet organization, it is important to do one big job first: Take everything out of the closet and go through all of the materials that were inside. Decide whether to keep, sell, donate, or trash the items. After you have done that, follow these five tips:

1. Decide on hangers. Choose one type of hanger and stick with it for a clean, organized look. I highly recommend wooden hangers as they are sturdier and hold your clothes better.

2. Hang it up. Hang up as much as possible as this frees up other space. It’s not just clothes you can hang up either: purses and shoes can be hung up as well with devices like the ones pictured below.

3. Use hooks! Place them in and around your closet for extra hanging space. You can drill some in, or, use the removable non-damaging ones. The more you can hang up, the better.

4. Place items strategically. Keep the items you use the most in plain sight and at an easy reaching level. For lesser-used items, store them down below, and for least-used, store them up high.

5. Use every inch of space. With the proper tools, such as hanging purse holders, hanging shoe holders, hooks, stackable bins, and boxes, you can take up every nook and cranny in your closet. Don’t let space go to waste!

Catastrophic Closet Clean-up part two will follow.

Happy organizing!


2 thoughts on “Catastrophic Closet Clean-up (Part 1 of 2)

    • I love the non-slip, and I love the look of the wooden ones. So hard to decide… I wish they’d make non-slip wooden hangers! You can never have enough organization… 😉


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