What Lies Beneath

Have you ever thought about the storage possibilities that your bed can provide? The space underneath your bed is a valuable area to keep many kinds of belongings. If you have no space underneath, you can purchase risers to lift up your bed (pictured below) and create the needed space.

What should be kept under there? For one thing, I have a massive amount of shoes, and I recently bought an under-the-bed shoe organizer (pictured below). This is a great way to get shoe clutter out of the way and into organized slots.

Another way to effectively use that space under the bed is to store out-of-season clothing there. You can pick up some under-the-bed storage bins (pictured below) for this. I recently bought some that have wheels on the bottom for easy removal.

I have an incredible amount of photo albums that are taking over all of the shelf space on my bookcases. Another item that I purchased recently was this durable plastic photo album storage container (pictured below). Inside, it has miniature storage containers to keep photos organized and safe. You can label your photos by event, person, year, etc., in order find the pictures you want easily.

The last thing that I have stored under my bed are my DVDs and CDs. Instead of having them sprawling all over several book shelves, drawers, and table tops, I have decided to purchase media storage bins (pictured below) to contain my movies and music. You can organize them alphabetically or by genre.

Besides going underneath for storage, I also wanted to make a quick note about storing things at the foot of your bed. Not everyone has a bed that you can do this with, but if it works, you can place an over-the-door rack over the end of your bed (pictured below). I use mine to hang bags because I am constantly using them.


Don’t turn your bed into a dumping ground, keep it organized with proper storage devices. You’ll be glad you did!

Happy organizing!


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