The Need for Speed

Most of us are very busy these days and time is a precious commodity. How can one stay organized when there is very little time to dedicate to organizing? Don’t worry! There are numerous speedy methods for getting your things in order.  It is possible to pull off quick cleaning, and the tips below will show you how.

Pick a pattern: whenever you clean/organize, always follow the same route. Choose a room or spot to consistently start in and create a pattern. Once your routine has been established, you will become accustomed to it and eventually be able to clean on auto-pilot. This allows your cleaning routine to develop into a speedy one.

A room full of clutter: grab a laundry basket (or two) and weave through the room, collecting clutter as you go. This will contain the mess, which you can hide for the time being, and when you have time later, the items can be redistributed properly.

Use baskets and trays: similar to the previous tip, these are helpful to keep around rooms to quickly toss things into and stay organized.

Entryway bowl: keep a bowl (a decorative one) at the entrance for odds and ends.

Making your bed: instead of getting up and walking around it several times and fussing with the sheets, make your bed while you are still in it! Sit up in the centre of the bed and straighten the sheets out. It’s much easier – and faster –  to do this from the centre of your bed. One thing that makes this even quicker is keeping the ends of the sheets tucked in at all times (the sheets are pretty much anchored in place, so arranging them in the morning is very simple).

Dusting: to get rid of dust fast, use a hair dryer. Move from top to bottom.

Cleaning the bathroom: use disposable antibacterial wipes like Lysol or Clorox to quickly wipe down surfaces.

Squeegee the shower: doing this after each use prevents you from having to do a huge scrubbing job later.

One thing at a time: don’t talk on the phone or watch TV while cleaning. This will only slow you down. Focus on the task at hand and you’ll finish sooner.

Stack it: for books and papers that are scattered all over the place, stack them in neat piles. You can quickly gather them up and make them look more organized this way. You can sort through them when you have time later.

Vacuum: use this on carpet and hard flooring (most vacuums have a hard floor option). This saves you time from having to switch and put away two appliances.

Happy organizing!




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