Neaten Your Nightstand

The space beside your bed is one that deserves organizing attention because it can be an efficient source of help at night, a time when you don’t want to be running around looking for the things you need. When you wake up at two o’clock in the morning in need of something, you want it to be readily accessible, as being in a near-comatose state is not conducive to focused searching. By preparing an organized nightstand, you will be pleased with the ease and convenience it provides when you are not in a condition to hunt around for desired items.

Top of the Nightstand

Keep things to a minimum here. A lamp, alarm clock, and phone are the most commonly placed items in this space. If you tend to throw your watch and/or other jewellery in this spot, use a small decorative tray or bowl to keep it tidy.

Another trick that I like to put into place here is the use of a cord catcher because I always charge my cell phone on the top of my nightstand.

First Drawer

Put the things that you use all the time from bed here. For instance, I have a notepad, a couple pens and pencils, an eraser, body lotion, lip balm, a headband, and a mini flashlight stored in this space. For the pens, pencils, and eraser, I have a small drawer divider in place to keep them from rolling around. If you wear glasses, put them here as well.

Second Drawer

I keep a few books that I have on the go in this spot. In addition, I have kleenex, headache and nausea medication, and a pair of warm socks. If you watch TV from bed, put the remote control here.

Open Shelf

This is a great spot to place a little basket or two. I keep a few water bottles in one and two pairs of slippers in the other. You could also use one of the baskets to store magazines that you’re currently reading.


Store the essentials, as this is small space, and keep what you use most when in bed here.

Happy organizing!


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