Vehicle Vexation

Your car should be considered a space that requires organizing because many of us spend a lot of time in there. It’s one of the more difficult spaces to organize because it is so small, but with the right planning, you can create an impeccable vehicle.

Keeping your car clean will save you from embarrassment when driving other people around (there will be no mess to stare at), give you efficient access to the things you need (a home for everything), and provide greater safety (since you won’t be digging around while driving). Follow the tips below to get your vehicle in order:

1. Take everything out of the car! All of it. Seriously. Your car is not a giant catch-all and shouldn’t be treated like one. My mother (sorry Mom, using you as an example again!) treats her car like this and you could probably fill a small room with all of the things she has in there. Who knows what’s lurking under the seats…

2. Go through everything that you’ve taken out, piece by piece, and decide whether it is an essential car item. There is a difference between storing things in order to be prepared and treating the car like a storage room. Don’t do the latter.

3. Hang up a bag or put in a miniature trash can in your car. Having a place to collect garbage is one of the most important things for keeping your car clean. Empty it out whenever you fill up the gas. You can purchase trash cans designed for cars at Amazon. Below is a picture of the one I have in my car:

4. Organize the glove compartment. Keep only what you need in here because if you put too many things inside, you won’t be able to find anything. Examples of what to put in here include:

  • Car owner’s manual
  • Proof of insurance and car registration
  • Cell phone charger
  • GPS and charger
  • Garage door opener
  • Emergency phone numbers

5. Clear side door pockets and keep handy things in there like maps, guide books, and travel-sized kleenex. You can keep a flashlight and matches on the passenger side door. I also keep a mini umbrella there. Don’t shove in unnecessary items that will only crowd the space as this will only make it difficult to find what you need, when you need it.

6. Visor organizer: this is the handiest spot for drivers. You can keep all kinds of things here such as CDs, sunglasses, your cell phone, a pen, post-it notes, etc., but only store what makes sense. Don’t put things here that are only going to distract you while driving. If you can’t hold off on changing the CD while driving, move the CDs elsewhere.

7. If you regularly have back seat passengers (such as children), invest in some back seat organizers like the one pictured below. You can put things here like toys and games to keep passengers occupied and entertained. In addition to toys and games (or instead of them), you can put a first aid kit, snacks, extra kleenex, water bottles, and spare outer wear such as gloves and toques here. Maybe even put a book or two to when you know you will have to be in a waiting room for awhile.

8. Under the seat. Be careful what you put here as you don’t want objects flying forward when you make stops. Personally, I don’t keep anything under here because I am paranoid that something will slip out and roll under the brake. Besides, in most vehicles it’s usually difficult to reach in and out of this spot. I say: keep this area clear.

9. The trunk. Paper towels, bottled water, a blanket, jumper cables, batteries, windshield washer fluid, extra oil, fire extinguisher, and an ice scraper are the among the items you can store here. Make sure that you don’t take up the entire trunk space because you want room for the transport of temporarily stored things like groceries.

I hope these tips were helpful.

Happy organizing!


2 thoughts on “Vehicle Vexation

  1. thanks a lot your nifty tips have helped me with my car k-os! I cant wait for my very own dust bin to come in the mail! I still have one problem though, kinda a gypsy and I need a good idea for the clothes in my trunk? HELP MEEEE PLEASE!!
    your biggest fan :p


    • Awesome, thanks!! As for your clothes in the trunk, get some organization devices such as bins/baskets, a rod for hanging items, and plastic shoe storage containers. I like to shop at, but these things are likely also available at Wal-mart and other such stores in the home organization section. Instead of having everything in a big pile in your trunk, separate and organize them by type. This way you won’t be scrambling to find things and they will stay neat and tidy. Hope this helps! 🙂


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