Enlivened Living

Your living room is one of the first places that you and other people see when entering your home. It is often a high traffic, multifunctional space and because of this, it is incredibly prone to clutter. Therefore, it is important to set up a good organizational system here and to keep on top of it!

Everyone has different living rooms and varying budgets, but there are some general suggestions to keep your living room looking lovely.

The Coffee Table

The best kind of coffee table to own is one with built-in storage. Instead of having one with everything strewn about, place it all inside and contain the mayhem. It’s a great place to store remote controls, magazines, books that are currently being read,  coasters, children’s toys, etc.

If you don’t have the budget to get a coffee table with storage, try buying some baskets and store them underneath.

Television Stand

The problem that this area tends to face is cord clutter. Keep it under control with a cable organizer. These are a few options:

Cable Turtles



Quirky Plug Hub




Cable Box


Cable Box - Inside


Sort books by author, CD’s by artist, and DVD’s either alphabetically or by genre. If you don’t have enough shelf space, buy a DVD/CD tower.

Alternatively, you can buy media storage bins for the CD’s and DVD’s. I store mine under my bed. You could also put them under your couch, or on top of the bookcase if there is room.

Don’t forget to use the tops of your bookshelves for storage (if you haven’t already). Place baskets/boxes here for storing things that are not used daily.


Magazines, brochures, etc., tend to be left around the living room. Designate a drawer for these or get a basket or two to contain them. Keep them inside your coffee table, underneath it, or in magazine holders on a shelf.


Store the majority of your trinkets. Keep a few out at a time and occasionally rotate which ones you have out on display. Too many knickknacks makes the living room look cluttered, also, this way the pieces you choose to display stand out more.

Happy organizing!


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