Fruition of Kitchen Ambition (Part 1 of 3)

Are you on a mission to organize your kitchen, but lacking a vision? Read the following tips and tricks in order to bring your goals to fruition.

Hang and Stay Sane

Aprons, pot holders, oven mitts, and dish towels are kept handy when you hang them up while counter and drawer space remain free for other things. You can buy hooks (regular or removable) and put them in appropriate places. If you have the right kind of space for it and are feeling really ambitious, get a hanging rack and show off your pots and pans. This will free up a lot of cabinet space!

Use it Much? Make it Easy to Touch

Place kitchenwares meant for special occasions on high shelves and every day items within arms reach. For things that you use once in awhile, like a rice cooker or crock pot, put them on the bottom shelves. If it’s not used every single day, put it up high or down low. Make things easier on yourself!

Gather Rather Than Scatter

Group like items together for better coordination in your kitchen. Keep tin foil, saran wrap, other wrap, and plastic bags in the same area; store pots and pans in cupboards close to the stove; bundle baking materials; corral cleaning supplies. You get the idea.

Manage the Container Challenge

Plastic containers can be a plague on kitchen cabinets and/or drawers. They slip around and create a jumbled mess. In order to curb their unkempt proclivity, it’s necessary to get organizational devices that will force them to stay tidy. A few options are baskets, drawer dividers, shelf organizers, and peg boards.

Magnetic Aesthetic

Free up more space in your kitchen with magnetization. Consider magnetizing these items: spice rack, knives, measuring spoons, and sink accessories.


Read my next post for more kitchen organization ideas.

Happy organizing!





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