Fruition of Kitchen Ambition (Part 3 of 3)

Fix Fridge Affliction

The first step in getting ready to organize your fridge is the same as the pantry – take everything out and decide whether to keep it, trash it, or donate it to the food bank. Disinfect, and then you are ready for the fun part!

Line the Shelves

Using plastic shelf liner significantly cuts down on fridge cleaning at a later point in time as you can simply strip away the lining and any mess along with it!

Arrange Shelves and Drawers According to Your Preferences

Most people buy the same products consistently, so it makes sense to format your fridge the way you see fit. Structure the shelves and drawers that come with the fridge to fit the products you buy most often. Most new fridges will have easily adjustable parts to do this. If you don’t have a fridge like that, read on to the next tip.

Get Baskets and a Lazy Susan

Cluster your things by size and put them in a basket/bin that fits that shape. It’s best to use acrylic bins so you can see items clearly. The lazy Susan, along with the bins, ensures that food doesn’t get lost in the back.

Store Meat on the Bottom

Keep meats below everything else in case of drips. We don’t want contamination!

Clean it Up!

Clean out your fridge approximately once a month to maintain cleanliness and organization. You’ll be happy with the results.

I hope these tips were helpful, happy organizing!


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