Too Much Media

I used to have an enormous collection of DVDs. From Toy Story to Rosemary’s baby, they lined two entire walls, reaching over halfway up to the ceiling. This was ridiculous! I watched most of these movies only once and then they just sat there, consuming a huge portion of the space in my room. I have since downsized and am much happier for it. I still have a fairly large amount of them and am currently in the process of doing another huge purge. I can’t wait to get rid of more!

Why do we need so many movies? How often do you really watch them? Instead of paying $20.00 to watch something only once, why not just rent it? Most people now have the option to rent directly from their television set, so you don’t even need to leave the house to go grab a flick. And let’s not forget NetFlix.

I suggest that you only keep your absolute favourite films of all time and discard the rest. Sell them on Kijiji, eBay, or Amazon! Have a garage sale. Donate to charity. Just. Get. Rid of them.

Happy purging!


4 thoughts on “Too Much Media

  1. My movie collection is one thing I can’t part with, but I agree that they take up so much space. So instead I just garbaged all of the cases and put the discs into one of those big cases. 🙂


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