Enter at Your Own Risk? (Part 3 of 3)

Continued from part two…

7. Manage your mail. The entryway is often where we put incoming mail, but sometimes it just sits there and starts to turn into a messy stack. Sort through your mail daily and keep up with it. Recycle junk mail immediately and file important paperwork soon after you open it. Additionally, get a storage device for your mail (see examples in the pictures below).

8. Maximize your entryway closet space. Go vertical with a double-hang or purchase cascading hangers to free up space (both are pictured below, respectively).

Don’t have a front hall closet? There are still solutions! Installing hooks will work wonders. You can also get a small table or cubby with storage space.

9. Get a charging station for your gadgets. Recharge your phone, ipod, etc. in a designated spot in the entryway. You won’t forget your phone again when you leave the house and it will remind you to plug-in when you get home. A charging station also keeps cords neatly tucked away.

Happy organizing!


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