The Tidy Traveller

Organization covers many realms, and travel is no exception. Before you venture out into the world, you must arrange your suitcase. This seems simple enough, but there are tricks to maximize efficient use of this space. Here are some quick tips for organizing your suitcase:

1. Plan your outfit for each day. Also, you don’t need a new pair of pants every day – usually one pair can be worn for at least two days. By planning in advance what you’re going to wear, you won’t end up overpacking.

2. Roll it up! Rolling your clothes is the most space-saving method and it also minimizes wrinkles.

3. Compartmentalize. Think of a junk drawer and how everything just gets jostled around, turning into a chaotic mess. You don’t want that to happen to your suitcase, so use slim, smaller pouches/bags to compartmentalize your items. Group like items together. When you’re at the airport, you’ll be able to easily grab your toiletries for inspection.

4. If you’re packing extra pairs of shoes, arrange them in the way that retail stores do – putting opposite ends of the shoes together – this will save space. Also, put them in a grocery bag to avoid getting other things dirty.

5. Identify. A lot of people have black suitcases and this can make it hard to find yours. Tag your bag with some sort of colourful identifier so that it catches your eye quicker. I once tied a bright purple fuzzy elastic band on the handle of mine.

These are just some simple and quick tips for getting yourself ready for travel. I hope they were helpful.

Happy organizing!




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